How to change oil in a 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid car


A diy, step by step video demonstration on how to change oil in a 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid car with a 1.5 liter engine.


In this video we will change the engine oil in a 2008 Toyota Prius.

We'll begin by jacking up the front of the car and using jack stands for support.

We will then remove the oil drain plug to evacuate the oil from the oil pan.

Once all the oil is drained from the pan we will remove the oil filter.

With all the oil drained the new oil filter will be lubricated and reinstalled on the engine.

The oil filter will be hand tightened.

The drain plug will be reinstalled on the oil pan and then torqued down to specification.

The oil fill cap will be removed from the top of the valve cover.

With a funnel in place, new oil for the engine can be refilled.

The oil fill cap can then be re-tightened on top of the valve cover.

Hey, thank you very much, I had a great time making this video and I hope you did watching it.

Every engine oil change should include a check of specification for the quantity of oil to be replaced, oil filter part number and torque specification of the oil drain plug.

2008 Toyota Prius Oil Filter:
Toyota 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter
FRAM Tough Guard TG4967 Oil Filter

2008 Toyota Prius 1.5 liter engine
Recommended oil (as seen on fill cap) SAE 5W-30
Oil Capacity 3.7 L (3.9 qt.) [when oil filter is removed]
Oil drain plug 14mm 37.96 N·m (28 lbf·ft) used in this video.
Oil filter 90915-YZZF2

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04/14/2020 | How to change oil in a 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid car