How to disengage the hydrostatic transmission-Neutral on SCAG Cheetah lawn mower


A diy, step by step video demonstration on how to disengage the hydrostatic transmission (Neutral) on a SCAG Cheetah lawn mower.

This lawn mower includes dual Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 transaxles.


In this video we will try to demonstrate how to disengage the hydrostatic transmission or set the transmission to a neutral position using a SCAG Cheetah zero  turn riding lawnmower.

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This procedure is specific to hydrostatic transmissions in riding lawn mowers in order to allow the vehicle to move freely such as pushing the vehicle by hand.

The transmission needs to be released with levers  or other hardware used to open the bypass valve in the hydrostatic transmission.

Zero turn mowers with two controls often have two hydrostatic transmissions or trans axles on opposite sides and both need to be disengaged.

To disengage the hydrostatic transmission and open the bypass valve or dump valve a hand tool must be used.

The valve on the opposite side may need to be turned in the opposite direction.

Once the transmission is disengaged and the brakes are off the mower can then be moved freely.

To re-engage the transmission turn the valve using the hand tool in the opposite direction.

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11/30/2020 | How to disengage the hydrostatic transmission-Neutral on SCAG Cheetah lawn mower