How to change blades on a Snapper Pro S50xt zero turn lawn mower


A diy, step by step video demonstration on how to change or replace mower blades on a Snapper Pro S50xt zero turn lawn mower. Although not shown in the video, every blade change should include a check of the blade part number.


In this video we will try to change the blades in a snapper pro s50xt.

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This mower includes an electric PTO clutch to engage the  blades.

For safety you may begin this procedure by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery and disconnecting the spark plug wire from the spark plug.

This is not shown in the video because  the deck belt was already disconnected.

As seen the adjustable wrench was set on the fastener on the top of the spindle to help hold the shaft in place.

A link to change the deck drive belt will be displayed at the end of this video.

While loosening the bolt at the bottom of the spindle with a socket the blade was held by a piece of wood.

With the bolt removed the blade is set free to also be removed.

The blade removal process was repeated for all three blades.

With the blades removed we can compare the old with the new.

Compared with the new, the old blades rounded out from the top in the bottom of the cutting edge

The new blade was then installed with the bolt and wood block to hold it.

The bolt was then torqued to  specification using a torque wrench.

The blade installation process was repeated for all three blades

With the blades installed and to conclude this video

grease was added to the fittings at the top of all three spindles as a part of routine maintenance.

In this video:
MowerPartsGroup (3) Rotary Blades for 48" Deck

Snapper Pro S50xt Part Numbers:
Snapper Pro S50xt - 48" Mower Blade Set 5101986S - (In this video)
Snapper Pro S50xt - 36" Mower Blade Set 5101756X2

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10/29/2020 | How to change blades on a Snapper Pro S50xt zero turn lawn mower