How to inflate a tire on a motorcycle- Harley-Davidson Sportster


A diy, step by step video demonstration on how to inflate a tires on a motorcycle using a Harley-Davidson Sportster.


In this video we are going to inflate the tires on a the Harley-Davidson sportster.

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Each tire was checked beginning with the tire size.

The next check at the tire is the maximum pressure on the tire.

The maximum pressure listed for both tires is 42 psi.

Since the Harley-Davidson inflation specification is lower than the maximum rating the tire should be able to withstand the specified cold pressure

As well as an increased psi when the tire heats up during normal riding conditions.

A check of the owner's manual is done to view the information and specification for inflating the tires.

The recommended pressure for the tires in  this video is 36 psi for the front and 40  psi for the rear.

The inflator was set to the  specification and the tool automatically stopped when it reached the setting.

The inflator tool was disconnected from the valve stem and an analog gauge was used for reference.

When using the tool with other vehicles the gauge on the tool has been accurate with the tpms monitors of those vehicles.

The valve cover was reinstalled  and the tool powered down this is unnecessary as the tool can stay on in between two tires.

The tire inflator was then attached with  a hose to the valve stem of the tire.

The inflator was set to the specification and the tool automatically stopped when it reached the setting

The inflator was disconnected from the valve stem of the tire and the analog gauge was again used  for reference.

As an additional note because the inflator has a screw-on connection the longer  the amount of time it takes to disconnect, the more air will escape the valve stem.

The Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Sportster tires in this video have a specified 36 psi front and 40 psi rear. Check the owners manual, dealership or tire manufacturer for the proper inflation specs of your tires.

In this video:
Milwaukee M12 Inflator (tool only)

Kit (w/ Battery and charger):
Milwaukee M12 Inflator Kit (w/ Battery and charger)

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10/22/2020 | How to inflate a tire on a motorcycle- Harley-Davidson Sportster