How to install a trailer hitch on a zero turn mower - Snapper S50xt


A diy, step by step video demonstration on how to install a trailer hitch on a zero turn lawn mower on a Snapper Pro S50xt zero turn lawn tractor.


In this video we will try to install a trailer hitch on a Snapper Pro S50xt.

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We will begin by inspecting the two individual plates included  with the kit.

The flat plate will be installed in the front of the bumper plate near the muffler.

The plate with the 90 degree shape and hole for the trailer hitch will be installed on the rear of the bumper plate.

During the test fit the flat smooth head of the carriage bolt faced outside of the plate this needed to be changed for final installation.

The smooth head of the carriage bolt needs to be on the inside of the plate so that the fastener can be tightened down on the outside.

With the fastener on the outside the hand tool will have greater range when tightening it.

There is also additional safety to tighten the fastener with the plate guarding from the heat of the muffler if needed.

The fasteners  were started by hand and tightened using a box head of a wrench.

Although there is no torque specification a torque wrench was used to tighten all fasteners with a consistent amount of force.

A quick step onto the hitch was used only for this  video to demonstrate fastener strength as related to tongue weight.

Since the hitch is not intended as a step attaching a trailer with no load or a  safe pull on a rope would be other alternative ways to test the hitch.

I had a great time making this video and hope you did watching it.

In this video:
Lonwin Trailer Hitch

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10/15/2020 | How to install a trailer hitch on a zero turn mower - Snapper S50xt