Reset the ABS, VSC and Brake system warning lights on Toyota Prius


A diy, step by step video demonstration on how the ABS, VSC and Brake system warning lights were reset on 2008 Toyota Prius.


In this video we will try to reset the ABS, VSC, and brake system warning lights. If you haven't already subscribed to our channel  please subscribe now.

This video is intended for entertainment purposes only on how the warning lights were reset for this specific vehicle.

This video should not be used to define why these  warning lights are occurring in any vehicle other than the one in this video.

As a reference the ABS warning light refers to the anti-lock braking system.

The VSC warning light refers to the vehicle  stability control system.

The brake system warning light refers to the electronically controlled brake system.

The vehicle may be displaying these lights due to a malfunction, need of maintenance or need of replacement of brake system components.

This would include abs pumps or actuators brake  fluid and other braking system components or sensors.

For this vehicle the procedure to troubleshoot the cause of these lights displaying was begun with connecting a code scanner to the OBD2 port.

After two attempts the scanner displayed  no powertrain code saved in the vehicle's computer.

The next step of the procedure to troubleshoot the  lights was to check each of the abs fuses in the  12-volt electrical fuse box.

None of the fuses showed any damage which would be indicated by a break in the metal housed in the plastic case.

Next was to check the 12 volt battery located in the luggage compartment at the rear of the vehicle.

It was determined that due to the low voltage and age of the battery being eight years that  needed to be replaced.

Once the 12 volt battery was replaced a jumper wire was used in the obd2 port to initiate a diagnostics check in the  vehicle

The jumper wire was connected to the fifth slot from the right on the top row and fourth slot from the right on the bottom row of the obd2 port.

With the jumper wire attached the vehicle was powered on and the diagnostic check was initiated as seen on the main screen.

Once the diagnostic check completed with multiple ok status reports displayed on the screen, the vehicle was powered off after waiting a few seconds.

When the vehicle was powered off and all lights were  off the jumper wire was removed from the obd2 port.

With the jumper wire removed from the OBD2 port the vehicle was again powered on.

As seen all lights associated with the abs VSC and electronic braking system no longer displayed.

The fasten seat belt and emergency brake lights also worked properly and were able to turn on and off with the appropriate procedures.

The TPMS light displaying in this video is an issue specific to this vehicle and not related to the  braking system lights.

It is a part of the tire  pressure warning system.

For a quick reference, the reset button for the TPMS light is located below the steering column.

The video procedure to replace the battery will be linked at the end of this video and or in the description.

I had a great time making this video and hope you did watching it.

Thank you for your support

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10/01/2020 | Reset the ABS, VSC and Brake system warning lights on Toyota Prius