Fix Ryobi Chainsaw 40v lag, stutter and stop-Teardown and troubleshoot electrical issues


Ryobi chainsaw 40v fix of lag, stutter and interruption of electrical issues seen in this diy, step by step video demonstration of a RY40503 teardown.


This is a video of a ryobi chainsaw 40 volt model number RY40503.

We're going to tear down the tool to fix the issues of lag, stutter and interruption of the electrical power circuit to the motor of the chainsaw.

The issues with the electrical circuit to the motor are demonstrated by squeezing the switch trigger after the switch lockout has been pushed in.

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We will begin disassembly of the tool by removing many fasteners on the tool case, handles, guard and accessory tool.

The e-ring and cap washer will need to be removed first in order to uninstall the sprocket.

The cover housing oil pump drive washer and fasteners are removed to allow the electric motor to later be uninstalled.

Once the housing assembly is removed, this will allow access to the inside of the tool including the electric motor the motor controller and battery connector assembly.

As demonstrated an isolated bench test can be done with the electric motor switch, motor controller and battery connector.

These wires are being held in the connector by a set of small flat head screws.

I reinstalled the wires into the connector and tightened down on the screws.

These loose wires caused a weak or temporarily disconnected electrical circuit and were the cause of the problem.

The re-installation of the parts into the tool was started in the reverse order of the disassembly procedure.

Testing of the electrical motor and switch trigger occurred multiple times during the re-installation process to confirm the resolution of the issue.

Also if the wires were loose during the reassembly process the issue would be identified before the entire tool was completely reassembled.

Hey thank you very much. I had a great time making this video and I hope you did watching it.

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09/21/2020 | Fix Ryobi Chainsaw 40v lag, stutter and stop-Teardown and troubleshoot electrical issues